Russian terrorists attacked Ukrainian Snake Island when the TSN film crew was there.

This was told by journalist Andriy Tsaplienko

"An air raid siren sounds. The enemy strikes from the air. We have a few seconds to find at least some shelter in the ruins on the rock. As soon as we find it, there is a double explosion," says Andriy Tsaplienko.

The Russians attacked the island with KABs — this is a corrected aerial bomb. It is launched from a distance of up to fifty kilometers, without entering the zone of destruction of Ukrainian air defense. The target of the occupiers' strikes were boats, they were cut by debris.

"Fortunately, Russian high-precision bombs turned out to be not so high-precision and fell at a distance from the boats. Fortunately, most of the ammunition and explosives on board did not detonate. The electronics failed, but, most importantly, the engines miraculously started. Both boats began to maneuver at the limit of their capabilities, fleeing from possible air strikes. And as soon as they crossed the zero mark of the mouth of the Danube, the Ukrainian anthem sounded powerfully over the water," says Andriy Tsaplienko.

Earlier, it was reported that the Navy told whether the Russians had the opportunity to land troops in the south of Ukraine.

In addition, we previously reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine told why the occupiers were dropping aerial bombs on Zmiinyi Island.

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