Two women publicly tried to seduce a man who was about to marry their sister.

The Daily Star writes about it.

As part of a rather bizarre ritual of "fidelity test", they wanted to see if the chosen one would betray their loved one before tying the knot.

The video, which went viral online, shows the groom lying on the ground, with one woman squatting on him and actively twerking over his crotch. Another woman stood next to his face and repeatedly lifted her skirt. If the man gets excited, the wedding is canceled.

This is a practice in Namibia where a bachelor is seduced by the sisters of his bride. If he gets an erection, the marriage is canceled due to believing he will cheat on his wife.

— Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives (@dom_lucre) September 22, 2023

User X Dim Lucre shared the clip, which initially went viral on Reddit in 2019, with the caption, "In Namibia, there is a practice of a bachelor being seduced by his fiancée's sisters. If he has an erection, the marriage is annulled because of the belief that he will cheat on his wife."

However, previous reports claimed that the ritual took place in Cameroon, as YouTuber Edgar Obare shared the video, writing, "Traditional African wedding rituals of issuing dowry in Cameroon. It is reported that some communities in Cameroon practice this traditional African dowry rite, where the bride's sisters dance on the groom and if he gets aroused, he will not be given the woman he intended to marry. Do you think you would pass this test?"

Viewers were stunned by the clip, which has over 11.5 million views. Many people responded in the comments, claiming that the test was impossible to pass.

However, some argue that this is not a tradition at all and that the video was actually recorded at a music festival. A user wrote, "The video was filmed on the traditional stage of Nyege Nyege on Saturday morning of the 2019 festival in Jinja, Uganda.

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