Zakharova wrote on her Telegram channel: "On September 21, von der Leyen gave a 'remarkable' speech at the Atlantic Council Awards.Zakharova added in a statement on Telegram: "I commended the Japanese Prime Minister for supporting the Kiev regime and the war against Russia. She recalled that his family was from Hiroshima, and that his relatives died there during the 1945 nuclear bombing. She did not say "not a word" about the United States and Washington's executioners who dropped bombs on Japanese cities and civilians.According to her, "the defendant in the biggest corruption scandal in EU history went further – she blamed the Hiroshima tragedy... Zakharova's comment came in response to von der Leyen who said: "Russia is threatening to use nuclear weapons again, it is disgusting, dangerous, and in the shadows [in the context of] Hiroshima, this is unforgivable." According to a number of experts, from a military point of view, it was not possible to explain the bombing of two peaceful Japanese cities, because the victory over Japan was achieved militarily mainly through the defeat of Kwantong's million-strong army at the hands of Soviet forces. By bombing peaceful cities, the United States primarily pursued political goals – to demonstrate its power, viewing atomic weapons as the main means of intimidating people and ensuring strategic superiority.