Tele Rebelde broadcast this Thursday from 7 pm the program where the reinforcements were chosen for the II Elite League of Cuban Baseball.

The six teams that will be in competition (Artemisa, Industriales, Matanzas, Sancti Spiritus, Las Tunas and Santiago de Cuba), after announcing their 20 players, chose 12 reinforcements, from a list of 138.

Selection rounds one and three were conducted according to the final standings (LTU, IND, SCU, MTZ, ART and SSP); the two and four in opposite order, while the remaining elections were decided by lot.

The II Elite will begin on November 7 and will run until January.


Sancti Spíritus
Yasniel González (infielder)Yasser Julio González (outfielder)Juan Carlos Arencibia (infielder)Yunier Castillo (pitcher)Lázaro Ponce( catcher)Reydel Alfonso (pitcher)Wilson Paredes ( pitcher)Laydel Águila ( infielder)Albert Valladares (pitcher)

Luis Marrero (pitcher)

Juan Miguel Martínez (infielder)

Yuri Fernández (infielder)

Artemisa Luis González (outfielder)Raul González (infielder)Erlis Casanova (pitcher)Dorbis Navarro ( pitcher)Jeyson Martinez (infielder)Denis Laza
(outfielder)José Ignacio Bermúdez (pitcher)Osdanis Rodríguez (pitcher)Kendry Hernández (pitcher)Jhonatan Bidón (infielder)

Edwin Cabrera (pitcher)

Iosvani Pérez (infielder)

Osdany Rodríguez (pitcher)

Santiago de Cuba
Osvaldo Vázquez (infielder)Yordan Manduley (infielder)Andrés de la Cruz (infielder)Angel Luis Márquez (pitcher)Lázaro Martínez (infielder)Edilse Silva(outfielder)Carlos Santana (pitcher)Kevin Soto (pitcher)

Adrián Sosa (pitcher)

Félix Rodríguez (pitcher)

Las Tunas Yadián Martínez (pitcher)Daniel Góngora (pitcher)Alexquémer Sanchez (outfielder)Osvaldo Abreu (infielder)Miguel Paradelo ( pitcher)Kelvin Rodríguez ( pitcher)Leonel Moas
(outfielder)Luis Serpa (pitcher)Rubén Rodríguez (pitcher)

José Sánchez (pitcher)

Branlis Rodríguez(pitcher)

Ernesto Torres (infielder)

Yordanis Samón ( infielder)Franklin Quintana (pitcher)Yudi Reyes (pitcher)Yasmani Velázquez (catcher)Alexander Pozo ( outfielder)Nelson Batista ( catcher)Ernesto Góngora (pitcher)Luis Ángel Sánchez ( infielder)

Rángel Ramos (infielder)

Runei Castillo (gardener)


Jonathan Carbó (pitcher)Vicente Mateo (infielder)Rayco Santos (outfielder)Islay Sotolongo (pitcher)Pedro Pablo Revilla (infielder)Richel López (catcher)Rubén Valdés (infielder)Vladimir García (pitcher)Yosnier Pérez (outfielder)

Freddy Asiel Álvarez (pitcher)

Randy Cueto (pitcher)

Pitchers(36), infielders(19), outfielders(12), catchers(5).

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