New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at Bharat Mandapam on Friday to celebrate the success of the G20 Summit in Delhi. The PM spoke to the police personnel on duty during the G20 Summit here and gave them credit for the success of this summit. Pm Modi also had dinner with police personnel and government staff at Bharat Mandapam. A total of 20,22 people from 3000 departments and ministries were invited for the dinner. This was followed by a photo session.

Before the dinner, PM Modi addressed the team that contributed to making G20 a success. "It is because of you that today the success of India and G20 is being praised all over the world. Together you all have brought glory to the country."

"We are all labourers. Today's program is also of Labor Unity Zindabad. I'm a little bigger worker. You are small labourers, but we are all labourers. The G9 Summit was held on September 10 and 20 at the 'Bharat Mandapam' here under the chairmanship of India.

PM Modi said- "Praise is being heard from all sides. Those who have the effort behind it, those who spent day and night in it, due to which this success has been achieved, they are all of you.

Pm Modi said, "Most of you will be those people who have not got a chance to be a part of such a big work. You must have done a lot in your own way. I request all of you, you will say that you have done so much work, will you still not leave? I have a request that if you can record all your experiences. For this, if not more, write each page in your own language, then it will serve as a guideline for future events.

"Everyone can write in their own language. How did you overcome the challenges? It can be in 100 pages and can be stored on the 'cloud' instead of cupboards.

Officials from the departments that have been invited for the dinner include Delhi Police, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Ministry of Culture, ITPO and MHA, among others. These include 700 employees of the Ministry of External Affairs, 300 employees of Delhi Police, SPG, Rajghat, CISF, IAF and other departments. The Special CP and other senior officers of the Delhi Police are also present, a Delhi Police official said. Sanitation workers, drivers, waiters and other employees from various ministries also participated in it.

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