Smaller quorum to hold a block meeting. And a fine if owners or tenants do not enter themselves or their pet in the condominium book. These are the new legislative changes adopted by MPs at the end of the working week.

Little Larry is a full-fledged inhabitant of the block where he lives - he is registered with the condominium manager and his owner pays a six-leva monthly fee for him as well.

"He comes out like I go out. Elevator uses, walks, like everyone else. So it should be paid," notes Lily Yonova.

What is new for residents of the apartments and their pets is that the registration will be done by a special declaration within 15 days. Otherwise, there is a fine between 50 and 250 leva.

"We're going to make a new home book. We have other dogs in the building, but I will register, "says Lili Yotova.

A significant change is also the creation of a special register of house managers, according to the industry.

"It will certainly not lead to better maintenance of the condominium itself. It was necessary to think mainly in the direction of the powers of the house managers. That is, in the expansion of these powers. In developed societies, it is inconceivable not to pay your fee for the month, "said Martin Dimitrov from the Association of House Managers.

And more - to hold a meeting will need a majority of 51%, not 67% - as it was until now. With this majority, decisions on repairs can also be made, for example.

"It's not going to work. There are younger people with better opportunities, but there are adults who do not have opportunities, "explains Rosen Simeonov.

Another novelty is that the meetings at the entrance can also be attended online.