A woman was furious after her daughter came home with a real tattoo on her leg.

The Mirror writes about it.

Her shock became even greater when she realized that it was a family member who had done it. A mother named Newsky explained that her daughter, Jade, was sent to spend time with her father's relatives.

When the girl was visiting her aunt, she called her mother and asked if she could get a tattoo. Newsky said "no" and hung up, thinking that was the end of it. But when she returned home, she was shocked to find that her child had a crooked heart tattooed on his leg.

Tattoo on the leg of a 7-year-old child / Photo: screenshot from the video

Mom talked about it in a series of TikTok videos. In the first video, she showed off the tattoo and wrote, "Who in their right mind gets a tattoo on a seven-year-old? Beware of those to whom you send your children!"

@newskii_soexotic24 So i just found out my baby dad sister tattooed my child!! His sister 28 MY DAUGHTER ONLY 7. #viral #fypシ ♬ Highs & Lows - Prinz & Gabriela Bee

People rushed to comment on the situation, with many advising her to call the police. Others urged the mother and daughter to visit a doctor to make sure the tattoo was not infected. Some people have also reassured her, stating that the ink will "fade" over time.

In the next video, Newsky sat her daughter down and asked exactly how the events had happened. "Whose idea was it for you to get a tattoo?" she asked, to which Jade replied, "Aunties." "Did she just propose? What did she say?" the mother continued. "She asked what Mom said, and I said Mom said no," Jade explained.

The daughter then stated that even though she knew she did not have permission, her aunt continued to get tattoos. According to the girl, after the tattoo, the aunt also got a tattoo for her two children without changing the needle. Allegedly, the woman did not even use a stencil, but immediately took up a tattoo gun.

@newskii_soexotic24 Im just wondering what would possess someone to tattoo my child. #part1 #fypシ #viral ♬ original sound - Newskiinew24

Newsky explained that she didn't know Jade could go to her aunt. She sent the seven-year-old child to her grandmother, who then took Jade to her aunt without Newkey's permission. In another video, Mom claimed that Jade's grandmother said the tattoo wasn't real and tried to say it was henna.

"I'm in another state, so there's not much I can do. I went to the doctor and called the police. I'm pregnant, so there's not much I can do," the mother said. "When I called the police, they said they couldn't find her because she wasn't home and they couldn't find her address." She added that since Jade's father is in prison, she is waiting for his reaction.

Recall that the man canceled the wedding because of the bride's sister. He told him what she did while he slept.