Big news has come out from Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. It is reported that a campaign is being run in Mauganj of the district, under which action will be taken under Section 144 against those who leave cattle stray on the road. If this campaign is successful, we will not see a single cow mata roaming on the road. This campaign has started in the district from today. In this connection, today the Collector of Mauganj himself talked about rearing 5 cows.

Mauganj Collector Ajay Srivastava launches campaign

Take cow mata home from cow shed

Collector Ajay Srivastava has told the people of Mauganj district that the way we serve elderly parents. Serve the cow in the same way. Keep one or more bovines in your house by bringing them from a cow shed. The Mauganj collector wants everyone to join the initiative. The purpose of this initiative taken by the district administration is to overcome the problem of animals and make the roads safe.

Innovative initiative launched today

Mauganj Collector said that from today a cow has to be picked up from the road and taken home. While launching this campaign, Collector Ajay Srivastava said that he himself will serve 5 cows by keeping them in his house. Let us tell you that the problem of cow progeny is a matter of concern not only in Mauganj but in the entire state. In fact, how to prevent the harm of the Aira practice, including the death of Jovanshis on the road? On September 22, the Mauganj Collector has taken an innovative initiative.

Do you know what is the practice of Aira?

For information, let us know that the practice of Aira is going on in many places of Madhya Pradesh. Under this, farmers leave their pets in the open after harvesting their wheat. After this, they go out in search of their animals only after planting paddy, which is called Aira practice. However, after this campaign, it is expected that cruelty to cows can be eliminated.

Animals left open with tags in their ears

The Collector has appealed to all the competent persons to take stray cattle on the road and serve it. This can become an example in Mauganj district and this can happen only when the people and social service organizations of Mauganj district cooperate with the district administration. The Mauganj collector has also requested the cattle owners to put the tag on the animals. They should tie their animals at their home, otherwise action will be taken against them under Section 144 and Cruelty to Animals Act. If the cattle owners take their cattle from the enclosure, they will be fined Rs 1000 per animal.

Section 144 imposed on cow slaughter

While launching this campaign, Collector Mauganj has imposed Section 144 regarding cow progeny in Mauganj district. He said that action will be taken under Section 144, which falls under Section 188. In which there is a provision for both fine and punishment. When contacted, Mauganj Collector Said, "Accidents occur on the roads every day due to cow slaughter. Farmers are worried about cows. We should keep a cow at our home and serve it properly like we do our parents. In such a situation, the problem of cow progeny will end automatically and Mauganj will become a model district with cattle.

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