The Bulgarian trace in the spy affair in Britain in favor of Russia is leading news in the Kingdom.

On September 26, the five Bulgarians will be officially indicted.

Today, the British media recall what we learned in mid-August about the spy network of Orlin Rusev, Biser Djambazov, Katrin Ivanova and add new touches to the new names in the affair.

The fourth defendant in spying for Russia, Vanya Gaberova, was the owner of a beauty salon in west London, which began operating in 2019, and her posts on her personal Facebook profile reveal that she has participated in several eyebrow extension competitions in London and Bulgaria, as well as an online competition in Russia.

The financial statements for Vanya Gaberova's business show that she has applied for and received state aid from the British government in the amount of 20,000 pounds during the pandemic.

About the fifth accused of espionage, whose name became known yesterday - Ivan Stoyanov is not known much. Bulgarians with whom our correspondent in London spoke described him as the "right hand" of Biser Djambazov. Both were ambulance drivers in London.

The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office also confirmed that it has been conducting an espionage investigation against the three detainees since March, but it is unclear whether the new two names are in the focus of its investigation.