"I have a separate life and my interests, and Kiril has his work. We don't mix them up. I listen to him, but I have nothing to do with it. I am not even yet Bulgarian and the idea of politics is a bit strange to me", says Linda Petkova in the podcast "The Voice of Mom" by Dir.bg.

She added that it was still strange to her that people recognized her on the street.

Linda Petkova bakes on her native sea

"I am a Canadian in Bulgaria with my business and with my three children. Cyril decided to get into politics. I have no problem with that. I am glad that the children are older and more independent," she said.

Linda also shares her impressions of our country.

"Bulgarians are very black and white as people. I'm used to them being very kind in the store around me, asking how I am, it's fake, but it makes you feel normal. Here in Bulgaria, I enter the store, but there is nothing like that. The woman goes to smoke and is angry. That was very strange to me at first. The first thing I learned about Bulgaria was in the 80s. My mother drank Sofia wine in Canada, then there were a lot of Bulgarian wines and the bottle of wine had a map of Bulgaria, I was about 9 years old. "

When he arrived in Bulgaria 16 years ago, he didn't know Bulgarian at all.

"But I wanted to talk to Kirill's grandmother. This was very important to me, because the elderly are very interesting and keep interesting recipes. Language is very important to me, I am not good at languages, but I had a great desire to learn the language," Linda said.

Linda Petkova