Abdul Jalil, who has been in the stricken Derna since the first day of the disaster, stressed in his statements to Sky News Arabia, the distinction between the deceased and the missing, noting that the exact figures will be announced soon.

Speaking about the real numbers and the current health situation in the city most affected by the cyclone that hit Libya on September 10, he says:

  • During their work since the beginning of the crisis, search and rescue personnel have recovered only about 3600,<> bodies, while thousands of missing remain unaccounted for.
  • The statement issued a few days ago by the World Health Organization, claiming that the number of bodies exhumed from Derna exceeded 11,<>, was officially denied by the Ministry of Health, and the organization was contacted, which confirmed that it would remedy the lapse that occurred in publishing this number.
  • Health services have begun to improve significantly from the first period of the cyclone, due to the continuous influx of medical and non-medical relief teams from home and abroad.
  • The ministry was keen to provide vaccines against typhoid, measles and hepatitis, which improved the situation on the ground, and the city began to recover, at a time when there was fear of the spread of epidemics after a large number of bodies remained unburied after the hurricane.
  • As for health facilities, many hospitals in Derna were severely damaged by the cyclone, so they will be the top priority of the Ministry of Health later for reform and reconstruction.

During his visit to all rescue teams on the outskirts of the city, Abdul Jalil inspected all rescue teams on the outskirts of the city to search for bodies at sea and outside the sea, stressing that all teams are working in full swing to recover the bodies as soon as possible.

Othman appealed to all media outlets to be accurate in reporting information about the city of Derna and to investigate information from its correct source.