There is no way for the Budget Committee to change the Criminal Code. This is absolutely unacceptable. Can we not have an opinion of the Legal Commission? Do we have an opinion from the Minister of Justice? None of the interested parties spoke on Article 251 of the Criminal Code, which was substantially changed by the Budget Committee. This is what Lubomir Karimanski said for "Revision".

The level of economic freedom in Bulgaria goes back 10 years, mainly because of the problems in the judiciary. This is according to a study by the Canadian Fraser Institute. Our country is the 43rd in the world.

Final: The National Assembly adopted amendments to the Measures Against Money Laundering Act

"However, Bulgaria also has positive sides. The currency board and the tax system, but they are absolutely insufficient. Many investors prefer to pay higher taxes, but to have predictability. Because, imagine in a period of one year to pay a low tax, but not to have any predictability next year. What can happen and whether your business will not be stolen? This is the problem in Bulgaria and this is not being worked on. We have only one façade that is not filled with any content in terms of changing any of the laws and the other part implementing a much larger part of these laws. Changes are being made right now," he said.

In his words, we must be convinced that the right to property in Bulgaria is fully protected by the justice system. "The report of the Fraser Institute emphasizes precisely the inviolability of private property and the impartiality of the courts. They are one of the main factors that bring down the Bulgarian result. An investor wants to have sustainability of what he invests as a process, and then as a realization of the commodity that he can place in different markets, "says Karimanski.

Penal code

Lyubomir Karimanski