This came in a speech by the Iraqi Prime Minister before the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The following are the highlights of Sudani's speech:

  • Our government has adopted an approach that has restored confidence in Iraq's political system.
  • We adopt a balanced foreign policy.
  • Our government's program is economic and developmental and we have come a long way in the world.
  • We have identified the scourge of corruption in Iraq and made combating it our priority.
  • We call on friendly and honest countries to help us fight corruption and recover Iraq's looted funds.
  • We were keen on a balanced foreign policy to make Iraq stable within its surroundings.
  • Our foreign policy is to ensure that Iraq is part of the solution to any international problem.
  • Iraq affirms its commitment to international law and the establishment of the best relations with the countries of the world.
  • Iraq refuses to be a springboard for threatening any of its neighboring countries.
  • We refuse to interfere in our internal affairs and demand respect for our sovereignty.
  • Iraq upholds its sovereignty and will confront any attempt that threatens its territory.
  • We will not take the policy of the interlocutor as a place in our politics.