They create fake Enzona page to confuse users. Photo: Enzona

Enzona warns its users about fake page with a design similar to the original that could be confusing for those who use this service.

Web Spoofing consists of the impersonation of a real web page by a false one in order to perform a fraudulent action or the theft of a user's access credentials.

The fake website adopts the design of the one it intends to impersonate, and even a similar URL, and in this way confuse the user to gain their trust to use their URL. .

EnZona only recognizes the following URLs and we tell you about each one:


Through this URL you can register on the platform or access your Enzona profile and carry out transfer, consultation and payment operations for services.


Through this URL all economic actors will be able to register their Commerce so that citizens can make the payment of products and / or services through dynamic or static Qr in their establishments. Also from this URL, all developers can register API stores to enable payments from Virtual Stores.


URL from which you can consult the public APIs of Enzona and access them once you own an API business.


This URL allows customers to search for products, in addition to providing information on the physical location of Enzona's virtual stores and access to the list of available stores.

For authentication in the Enzona platform virtual stores under the domain, the payment PIN will not be requested, only the telephone number or email with which you register and password will be needed.

(With information from Enzona)