The United States is considering concluding formal defense treaties with Saudi Arabia and Israel as part of its efforts to reach a historic normalization agreement between its two allies, according to Western media.The two experts believe that Washington finally relented, and is working to repair what the Biden administration has created in relations, especially after the historic agreement between Riyadh and Tehran, under Chinese auspices, which confirmed to the American side, that it has moved away from the region a lot.Brigadier General Abdullah Al-Asiri, a Saudi military expert, said that "the relations between the Kingdom and the United States of America are He added in his interview with "Sputnik", that "with the passage of more than two years since Biden came to the US presidency, he and his political team realized the enormity of these frequencies, and it was natural that the common interests between the two countries and the danger of leaving a political vacuum that benefits other countries such as China or Russia." "Biden and White House officials have realized that the Kingdom is a strong and important strategic partner of the United States of America, especially in enhancing regional security for the Middle East, as well as US national security and global security, given its global leadership position, especially in the Arab and Islamic world." At the same time, deter states sponsoring terrorism, or armed terrorist groups, from carrying out any threat in the region and cooperating with the international community in achieving peace and development in the most important geostrategic region that exports energy to all countries of the world.In the same context, Brigadier General Abdullah Al-Enezi said, "The US National Security Strategy stipulates Washington's efforts to calm the region, and that the expected agreement with Saudi Arabia contributes to achieving this endeavor in the Middle East and the world." "The step is a message to other countries that Washington is still interested in the region, given that it has placed China as its first adversary, and has attached great importance to these moves towards the east, which distracted it from the region and created a vacuum in power, at a time when Saudi Arabia sought to fill the vacuum, as happened from the signing of an agreement between Riyadh and Tehran under Chinese auspices." Al-Enezi believes that "Riyadh benefits from stability and security in the region, in a way that enhances and supports the Kingdom's vision and the advancement of economic projects." According to Al-Enezi, "access to advanced American weapons supports the Kingdom's vision in the aspect of armaments and localization of military industries, amounting to about 50% of military industries locally." He pointed out that "the Biden administration caused a rift in relations between Riyadh and Washington, through the latter's approach to Riyadh, after realizing the weight of In 2017, Saudi Arabia signed economic cooperation agreements and memoranda worth $280 billion with the United States.