In the Moscow region, saboteurs infiltrated the airfield, where "doomsday planes" are located, and blew up the ships. There will be many more such cases on the territory of the Russian Federation, and Ukraine will have nothing to do with it. After all, on the territory of the aggressor country, there will always be those who will resist Putin's regime.

This assumption was made in an exclusive interview for by the military-political observer of the "Information Resistance" group Oleksandr Kovalenko.

There is no safe place in the Russian Federation

"From the information available in open sources, it is known that the Mi-28N helicopter was seriously damaged, it will need serious repairs. Two aircraft, AN-148 and IL-20, were also slightly damaged. But small damages also need to be repaired somehow. So, this is really quite a serious reputational blow for the Russian occupation authorities," the expert said.

"This suggests that there is no longer a safe place on the territory of Russia. At least within a radius of 700 km from the border with Ukraine, or even more than 700 km. Even beyond these 700 km on the territory of the Russian Federation, there will always be some group of locals who do not agree with the policy implemented by the Putin regime," Kovalenko says.

"They, I am more than sure, will somehow seek to fight this regime. How can you do this if you don't destroy the elements that enhance this mode. And Putin's regime is strengthened by a military component. It is not so much armored vehicles that are the most vulnerable, but aircraft," the expert said.

Why will there be more such cases?

"There is no need for sufficiently powerful elements to destroy it, because it is very vulnerable. Even some kind of drone, which can be bought on any Amazon or AliExpress, is enough. Attach some kind of explosive mixture with elements of destruction to this drone and send it to the airfield," he said.

"That is, the issue of partisanship on the territory of the Russian Federation is really being actualized. It can be implemented. Therefore, I think that a lot of things will explode on the territory of Russia, some precedents will occur, but Ukraine will have nothing to do with them," Kovalenko says.

"It will be internal resistance, one way or another. Some local, some loners, hermits. But they will still be of some use and they will act against Putin's regime," he concluded.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video at this link: Analysis of the missile attack. Strike on the Saky airfield. Destruction of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation | KOVALENKO

Recall that at the Chkalovsky airfield in the Moscow region, on September 18, unknown persons put explosives under the AN-148, IL-20 aircraft and the MI-28N helicopter, which were significantly damaged as a result of the explosions.