Ashok Lahoti with his supporters at PHED office


On Friday, Sanganer MLA Ashok Lahoti protested at Jal Bhawan in Jaipur. They submitted a memorandum to the chief engineer of the PHED department demanding water for Sanganer. Lahoti has accused the department of discriminating against Sanganer. The MLAs reached Jal Bhawan along with a large number of their supporters. The MLA and his supporters had come with empty mats. They say that Sanganer is not getting enough water, this is causing a lot of trouble to the people.

MLA Ashok Lahoti said the department was treating Sanganer as a step-mother. Water from Bisalpur accumulates here and reaches every area from there, but Sanganer is not getting water. All the water is being supplied to the ministers' constituencies. "We have no problem in getting water elsewhere but we should get our share of water," he said.

During this time, a large number of supporters, including many ward councillors, were present with him. Greater Municipal Corporation councillor Ramavatar Gupta submitted a memorandum to remove the problems faced by shopkeepers due to lack of water supply outside the shops. Locals said that roads were broken at many places to supply water. They are no longer being renovated. Many pipes are broken in the area, due to which water is being wasted.

MLA Ashok Lahoti said Sanganer was being treated as a stepmother. Water from Bisalpur accumulates here and reaches every area from there, but Sanganer is not getting water.

The MLA and those accompanying him said that due to low pressure in many places, water supply is not available. Dirty water is coming where they are happening. The locals, led by MLA Ashok Lahoti, submitted dozens of memorandums to the chief engineer of the public health engineering department for an early resolution of all these problems.

PhED department chief engineer K D Gupta said the department is committed to providing water to every locality. We will take prompt action on the complaints received. He denied allegations of any bias.

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