Police baton-charge BJP workers


On Friday, Congress and BJP workers clashed in Mangrol town of Baran. During this, a Congress leader waved a pistol in the air, which worsened the matter. In fact, the college building was to be inaugurated today in Mangrol town of Baran district. Sharad Sharma, former district president of Youth Congress from Baran, also reached Mangrol along with Congress workers. Bjp workers were already present at Azad Square in the city, where an altercation broke out between workers of the two parties and the matter escalated to such an extent that Sharad Sharma, former district president of Youth Congress, pulled out his licensed gun and waved it.

BJP workers say that Sharad Sharma took out a gun and threatened us. Bjp workers led by party leader Dilip Meena staged a sit-in at Azad Circle in Mangrol demanding the arrest of Sharad Sharma. On the other hand, when the police asked the BJP workers to sit on one side and protest, the BJP workers got angry. Police had to use mild force to disperse the crowd.

BJP workers staged a sit-in for some time demanding the arrest of the Congress leader who showed the pistol. Police used force to disperse the BJP workers who were sitting on the sit-in.

On the other hand, Congress leader Sharad Sharma alleged that when he reached Mangrol, BJP workers tried to attack him at Azad Chowk. He waved the licensed gun in the air in his defense. He had just fired the gun in self-defence. On the other hand, the police have fully handled the case. Police force has been called from Baran and deployed in Mangrol town.

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Clash between Congress and BJP workers Mangrol Baran