Another 7 parties and organizations joined the broad Local Coalition "BSPBhe Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is for Bulgaria". It was formed on the Day of Sofia - September 17 - with the aim of joint appearance in the elections in the capital. The local coalition supported the candidacy of Vanya Grigorova for mayor of Sofia Municipality.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is for Bulgaria" was also joined by the New Dawn Political Party, the European Security and Integration Party, the Union of the Fatherland, the Agricultural Union Alexander Stamboliyski, the Bulgarian Road SP, the National People's Power Movement and the Solidarity Bulgaria Association.

Form a left-wing coalition in Sofia, which will unite around the candidacy of Vanya Grigorova

The participants in the broad left-wing alliance set themselves the goal of defending and assisting in the conduct of democratic and fair elections, guaranteeing the free will of Bulgarian citizens, as well as defending common views, positions and actions during the election campaign in Sofia Municipality.

"It is very important to go together in the campaign for the local elections. Only united we have the opportunity to use the unique chance to put an end to the 33-year right-wing government in Sofia, commented the chairman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is - Sofia Ivan Takov. - Our main task now is to work so that people hear us, trust us and vote for us on October 29th. Vanya Grigorova, together we are the only alternative for our city. We currently have four right-wing candidates. We expect the fifth right - that of GERB. And after Mercury retrograde, they still have no candidate. Even the stars stopped talking to them. But we have to do our job, all together, to congratulate ourselves on success."

The candidate for mayor of Sofia and leader of the list of the Local Coalition "BSPBhe Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is for Bulgaria" Vanya Grigorova thanked for the support of the eight parties and organizations. "We have a lot of work ahead of us that we have to do," she said. It's important to reach as many people as possible in person, on the ground. To meet them face to face, to see their attitude, to hear their opinions and suggestions, to listen to their criticism. If we do our job, the result will be excellent. If not, those 33 years will be 37. Then only we will be responsible for the fact that we have not ceased the dominance of the right in the capital right now. When we put an end to neoliberal ideology in Sofia, when we stop the plundering of the capital, this will be the end of neoliberalism in Bulgaria as well. We need to be together to break this Assembly, which is also being prepared locally. I have no doubt that it has been negotiated."