A worthy place among the best wines of Ukraine is rightfully occupied by white dry Chardonnay Sauvignon from Villa UA, which received the highest rating among industry professionals.

Wine Chardonnay Sauvignon Villa UA has received the official status of the Wine Ambassador of Ukraine and will go to represent our country in Paris to acquaint foreign gourmets with our unique tastes and traditions.

"We are proud of our wines and are grateful to Ukrvinprom Corporation in cooperation with the Foundation for Wine Culture and Wine Civilizations for the opportunity to represent Ukrainian winemaking at the international level. The status of a wine ambassador is a great honor and, at the same time, imposes a certain responsibility on us, encourages us to become even better, form trends and remain the most delicious wine in Ukraine," said Olga Bovt, brand manager of the brand.

For more than 10 years, Villa UA, together with its consumer, has been creating delicious and enjoyable stories. After all, these wonderful wines are designed to complement and reveal the taste of any dish – from everyday and simple to festive and refined. A wide palette of tastes is able to satisfy both conservatives, accustomed to the classic approach "white to fish, red to meat", and bold innovators, open to delicious experiments and new impressions every day. Together with Villa Ua wines, it is very easy to look at the situation and circumstances in a new way, to find something special in the familiar.

Wines of Villa UA. Always yours is the tastiest!

The exclusive distributor of Villa UA Wines in Ukraine is AB Trading House, a strong and experienced distributor of premium alcohol brands in Ukraine. The company has a time-tested reputation and clearly fulfills its obligations, even in wartime. Rich and unique experience in the alcohol market with convincing digital sales figures of well-known Ukrainian brands GreenDay, ADJARI, Dovbush HELSINKI, makes the company one of the most powerful in the industry.