Military expert Andriy Kramarov believes that the United States did not transfer ATACMS missiles to Ukraine for a long time, as they wanted to increase their production. He added that he hopes that Ukraine will be able to receive them in the near future.

He said this in a comment to Channel 24.

"In my opinion, the reason is trivial. The fact is that the United States considers aviation to be the main striking force during all its operations. That is, gaining air superiority, suppressing the enemy, and then conducting a ground army operation. Therefore, it seems to me that the stockpile of ATACMS missiles they were not really so significant. In April-May 2023, there was a photo that the missile manufacturer reactivated the production lines. That is, they have not produced these missiles since 2018," Andriy Kramarov explained.

The expert believes that in six months, the United States has increased the production of these missiles and they now have the opportunity to transfer.

"Our artillerymen were trained on ATACMS missiles. We just needed to hand them over. That is, we hope that now they will be handed over to us," the military expert stressed.

Earlier, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukraine and the United States are "at the finish line" on the supply of long-range ATACMS missiles.