Citing sources, Hersh said: "The war continues because Zelensky insists on it. "There is no discussion about a truce at his headquarters or in the White House under President Joe Biden and they are not interested in negotiations that put an end to the carnage." Citing an intelligence source, Hersh added, and as the source points out, all of Kiev's statements about a successful counterattack are lies, as Ukrainian forces have gained only scattered pieces of land, and the pace of their advance is measured in meters per week.An unnamed US intelligence official was quoted as saying: "The war is over. Russia has won. There is no longer any Ukrainian attack, but the White House and the American media must support the lie.The Russian armed forces continue to carry out their own military operation, with the aim of disarming Ukraine, to ward off threats emanating from Ukrainian territory to Russia's security.Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia does not plan to occupy Ukrainian territory, explaining that Russia's goal is to protect the population, which for 8 years has been persecuted and genocide by the Kiev regime.