Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric. Photo: Archive.

The Electric Union estimates for the night peak of this Thursday an availability of 2 558 MW and a maximum demand of 3 050 MW, for a deficit of 492 MW, so if the expected conditions are maintained, an affectation of 562 MW is forecast at this time.

The availability of the SEN at 7 a.m. is 2 250 MW and the demand, 2 180 MW, with the entire system in service.

During daylight hours, the SEN will be operated with low reserve levels, so there is a risk of affecting the service due to a deficit in generation capacity at this time.

The Guiteras thermoelectric unit and the 2 unit of the Felton thermoelectric plant are out of service due to failure. In maintenance, unit 6 of Energas Boca de Jaruco and unit 5 of the Renté thermoelectric plant.

Limitations on thermal generation (428 MW) remain.

In distributed generation, 966 MW are not available for breakdown and 100 MW for maintenance.

For the peak, the entry of 112 MW in distributed generation motors, the entry of an engine in the Melones boat, with 16 MW, and the recovery of 180 MW of engines in distributed generation are estimated.

Yesterday, the service was affected by capacity deficit throughout the day, until 11:18 p.m.

The maximum impact on Wednesday was 476 MW, at 7:40 p.m., coinciding with the rush hour.

(With information from the Electric Union)