On the night of September 21, the Security Service of Ukraine The Naval Forces launched a large-scale attack on the Saky military airfield in the temporarily annexed Crimea. Drones and Neptune missiles were used for the attack.

This was reported by the Ukrainian media with reference to sources in the SBU, in particular RBC.Ukraine and NV.

It is noted that as a result of a large-scale fire strike, serious damage was caused to the equipment of the Russian occupation army.

According to sources in the SBU, there were at least 12 combat aircraft (Su-24 and Su-30) at the airport, as well as Pantsir MANPADS. In addition, there is a training base for Mojaher UAV operators in Saki. It is these drones that the Russians use to coordinate their own air attacks, as well as a combat attack drone.

The strikes of the Security Service and the Naval Forces hit the target and caused serious damage to the occupiers' equipment. Drones were first used to defeat the Russian air defense, and only after that the Neptune missile was launched.

"It is interesting that even Russian Telegram channels confirm serious destruction and losses - they write about at least 30 dead soldiers," the NV interlocutor said.

The SBU assures that the "cotton" in the Crimea will bloom more and more. The occupiers cannot feel safe on the occupied peninsula, the sources add.