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On August 15, singer and presenter Bilyana Vasileva, better known as Bibi Pandora, was stopped for inspection by police.

She was tested with a breathalyzer that showed 2.4 ppm of alcohol in the blood. A blood sample was taken the same day. According to her, a month later, the results came out and they showed 0 per mil. Her car was taken away.

"Although I was innocent, I was lying in my cell," Bilyana Vasileva explained on the air of "Hello, Bulgaria". The singer said she was afraid of having her blood test replaced.

The Sofia Regional Prosecutor's Office announced that the pre-trial proceedings were terminated after the prosecutor got acquainted with the reported materials in the case.

Playmate with the car taken exploded, accuses the cops of shashma

The expertise shows the absence of alcohol in the lady's blood, so no crime has been committed.

Drunk driver

car taken away