The spokesman for the Libyan National Army, Major General Ahmed al-Mismari, revealed that Storm Daniel destroyed the road network and shattered bridges linking the east and west of the city, and about 70 percent of the infrastructure.

Local authorities in Derna have begun erecting fencing around the affected areas in anticipation of disease outbreaks and supporting relief operations.

When will Libya wake up from the shock? How can we rebuild what was destroyed by the disaster?

In this regard, the former deputy head of the Libyan Transitional Council, Abdul Hafeez Ghoga, told Sky News Arabia's Newsroom program:

  • The situation in Derna is tragic and horrific. The reason is negligence, chaos and lack of institutions.
  • Derna belongs to the east, but the responsibility lies with the unity government.
  • The Libyan citizen is at the last attention of the authorities in the country.
  • The demands of the people of Derna are dealt with in a primitive way.
  • Derna must be rebuilt by international companies, and the people of the region should have the final say.
  • The need for international organizations to provide assistance to the city of Derna and to ensure the reconstruction of the city by them and not to leave it in the hands of the government to avoid exacerbating the crisis.