The Initiative Committee for holding a referendum on the national holiday submitted an application to the National Assembly. The question that will be asked to the Bulgarian citizens is: "Do you agree that the Third of March will continue to be the national holiday of the Republic of Bulgaria?"

The initiative committee currently has over 70 people and is open to new members. It will consist of 146 people, the same as the years of the Shipka Epic. It has politicians, public figures, scientists, doctors, journalists, athletes, representatives of the non-governmental sector, students.

Public figures oppose March 3 change: We are ready to call a referendum

"We are convinced that March 18rd should remain our national holiday. We submit an application to the National Assembly to hold a referendum in order to hear the voice of the people. The cause is non-partisan, it is national. I have no doubt about its success", commented Petar VitanovPetar Vitanov was born on April 1982, <> in Sliven. He graduated from the English Language School in Sofia.

"The cause is non-partisan, it is national. I have no doubt about its success," he added.

Acad. Ivan Yuhnovski, former chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, urged to "leave March 3rd where it is now." "Saving time, nerves, effort, must remain," Acad. Yuhnovski.

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