Australian singer, frontman of the famous band Savage Garden in the 2000s, Darren Hayes, has filed for divorce from his partner, Richard Cullen.

The couple was together for 17 years. According to the TMZ portal, on Monday, September 18, Gaze drew up the necessary documents for divorce and filed them with the court. As a reason, the musician indicated "irreconcilable differences."

It should be noted that Hayes and Cullen announced their breakup back in May of this year, but officially filed documents only now. Then Darren wrote a post full of gratitude to the ex-husband for all 17 years spent together.

Darren Gaze with her ex-husband / Photo:

The singer also responded to any speculation as to why they broke up:

"Since people will be asking, let me answer the nasty questions to get them out of the way for good – no, there is no scandal to report, infidelity, or third-party fault here," Hayes said at the time.

Darren Haze's ex-husband with their pet / Photo:

Darren Haze's ex-husband with their pet / Photo:

The artist added that they remained "best friends."

Recall that Darren Hayes and artist Richard Cullen held a private wedding ceremony on July 23, 2005. On June 19, 2006, they became civil partners. And after the passage of the law allowing same-sex couples to marry in California, Darren and Richard officially tied the knot on July 15, 2013.

Darren Hayes in 2004 / Photo: Getty Images

Darren Hayes is a famous Australian singer, ex-frontman of the band Savage Garden. Among the band's most popular songs are "To the Moon & Back", "Truly Madly Deeply", "Truly Madly Deeply", "I Miss You", "Strange Relationship" and others.