Poland's claims are that Kyiv does not seem to perceive the strategic cooperation between the two countries enough, from the Polish point of view. Any misunderstandings between Presidents Duda and Zelensky should have been resolved behind closed doors, rather than being brought to the public.

This was stated in an interview with TSN.ua by the head of the Regional Security and Conflict Research Department of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation. Ilka Kucheriva and researcher at the London School of Economics and Political Science Maria Zolkina.

"Poland's claims are that Kyiv, from the Polish point of view, does not strategically perceive cooperation with the Poles. He perceives them, in fact, as situational partners, transit countries, executors of some agreements that exist between Ukrainians and Americans and the British. On the other hand, the Poles, at least from their official or expert point of view, believe that the partnership between our countries should be strategic for many decades to come. It is because we have common security needs," Maria Zolkina stressed.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video "Zelensky made a mistake! Negotiations with Poland must be put behind closed doors."

She also added that Ukraine is now an outpost for protection against Russian aggression. At the same time, we need Poland, because without its territories and support, we will not be able to provide ourselves with assistance from other partner countries.

"Unfortunately, the lessons were not learned then, because now we see that it has reached not just the level of exchanging some accusations between officials, it has already reached the level of absolutely, in my opinion, unacceptable, international, public. It is this conflict that I consider a mistake," the expert stressed.

It will be recalled that against the backdrop of the "grain crisis", Polish Prime Minister Marowiecki said that Poland no longer transfers weapons to Ukraine, as it is actively arming itself.