The new rules for the movement of electric scooters in Sofia are already in force.

This was announced by the Chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council Georgi Georgiev, who recalled that the measures he proposed to regulate the speed and parking of this type of vehicles were adopted by the city parliament in July.

New restrictions on scooters in Sofia!

"We have restricted the unregulated traffic and parking of 2000,5 scooters for rent in parks and pedestrian spaces throughout the city. Automatic restrictions have been introduced in their software so that traffic at more than <> km/h in the prohibited areas and parking the scooter in the middle of the park will not be possible. The rules also apply to private electric scooters, but the police must control them," Georgiev said.

There are already 70 special parking spaces for scooters in parks and urban spaces throughout the city.

If the scooter is located in a no-car area, an additional fee is charged or the service provider does not allow the user to complete the trip in the application.

"These are simple solutions that make Sofia safer for people. This is how we arrange the city, "commented the chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council, BNT reported.