Once again, the case for the beating of the secretary of the already deleted association "Tsar Boris III III" in Ohrid Hristiyan Pendikov was postponed.

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The reason this time is the protest of those working in the judicial administration in the Republic of North Macedonia, which welcomed at the entrance those entering the Main Court in Ohrid.

The accused Iliya Spaseski appeared in the courtroom. His lawyer came to court, but did not enter the hall with the explanation that he supported the strike of the court administration.

According to Judge Boyan Martinoski, the prosecution has filed charges for the beating of Pendikov and another person - Borche Angelov.

He was recognized by Pendikov as the second participant in what happened on January 19 in Ohrid. The security camera recordings, which were reviewed at one of the meetings, show two persons beating Pendikov.

The case continues with interviews of witnesses for the beating of Christian Pendikov

The accusation against Borche Angelov is also for inflicting severe bodily harm in complicity, and at the next hearing it will be decided whether the two cases related to the beating will be united, explained Pendikov's lawyer Stefan Kamiszewski.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 26.

The secretary of the association "Tsar Boris III III" Hristiyan Pendikov was beaten in Ohrid on January 19, and a day later he was transported by the government plane "Falcon" for treatment in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria-RS Macedonia Relations

Hristiyan Pendikov