Section 144 has been imposed in Baran late at night.

Jaipur: Section 144 has been imposed in Baran Municipal Council area of Rajasthan late on Wednesday night. Along with this, the police force was instructed to be stationed at every step. The collector has given this order after Naresh Meena got bail. On Wednesday, he along with his supporters tried to lay siege to the house of Rajasthan Mines and Petroleum Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya.

The police stopped the supporters on the way.

Congress leader Naresh Meena is considered a supporter of Sachin Pilot. Naresh has also been a former general secretary of Rajasthan University. Since his arrest, the Meena community had been staging a sit-in at the Baran district collectorate. But on Wednesday, Naresh Meena came out of jail. The ADJ court granted him bail and released him from Atru jail. As soon as he left the jail, Naresh Meena along with some of his supporters reached the Baran district collectorate and addressed his supporters who were protesting there. Meanwhile, supporters marched to surround the house of local minister and Rajasthan Mines and Petroleum Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya. However, the police stopped Naresh Meena and his supporters midway and diverted them to another route. Due to the suspicion that Naresh Meena can do this again, the Baran Collector has imposed Section-144 in the entire city for security.

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