On the night of September 21, Russia launched three groups of cruise missiles at Ukraine, and also attacked Kharkiv with S-300 missiles.

This was reported by the Air Force.

It is reported that three groups of missiles entered the airspace of Ukraine through the Sumy and Kharkiv regions.

Explosions in Kyiv

In Kyiv, as a result of explosions in the Holosiivskyi district, the power partially disappeared.

"In the Shevchenkivskyi district, the wreckage of the rocket damaged a gas pipe. There is no fire. Gas service on site. In the Darnytskyi district, there is destruction of non-residential buildings. At the moment, there is no information about the victims," Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said.

Later, Klitschko said that doctors hospitalized an 18-year-old girl and a 9-year-old child (girl) in the Darnytskyi district. From the house next to the infrastructure facility where the debris fell.

"According to the updated data of doctors, 7 people were injured in the Darnytskyi district. Three of them are in hospitals in the city. Four received assistance on the spot," Klitschko said.

A vocational education institution was also damaged. The students were in a shelter, there were no casualties among them.

Serhii Popko, Head of the Kyiv City Military Administration, said that as a result of the downing of enemy missiles, debris fell in Holosiivskyi, Darnytskyi, Shevchenkivskyi and Desnianskyi districts.

Consequences of the fall of fragments of downed missiles in the Shevchenkivskyi district of the capital.

In the Shevchenkivskyi district, there is damage to a gas pipe, previously without fire.

In Darnytskyi district, debris damaged non-residential premises and parked cars. There is a fire, emergency services are working.

Consequences of falling debris in Darnytskyi district.

Consequences of falling debris in Darnytskyi district / Photo: t.me/VA_Kyiv

Information about casualties and destruction is being clarified.

Consequences of the rocket attack on Cherkasy

In Cherkasy, five people were injured as a result of a missile attack, one person remains under the rubble. As a result of the work of air defense, debris fell in the central part of the city. In particular, a social infrastructure facility was damaged. The rescue operation is ongoing.

Aftermath of missile strike on Cherkasy

Attack on Kharkiv

There were at least six strikes in Kharkiv during the Russian missile attack.

"The occupiers launched 6 strikes on the city of Kharkiv, in particular in the Sloboda district. There is damage to civilian infrastructure, information about the victims is being checked," said Oleh Syniehubov, head of the Regional Military Administration.

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov said that according to preliminary information, all the explosions were heard in the Sloboda district of the city.

"As for possible casualties and destruction, information is being collected," Terekhov said.

Missiles in the west of the country

Explosions were also heard in Khmelnytskyi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Rivne regions.

The work of air defense was reported in the Khmelnytskyi Regional Military Administration.

It is reported that as a result of explosions in part of Rivne, the power went out. Residents of Rivne reported that electricity supply was restored in the city at 7:00 a.m.

It is also reported about the disappearance of electricity in Varash, in the Rivne region.

Earlier, it was reported that the Russian occupiers killed four people during a missile attack on the city of Toretsk on September 20.

In addition, we previously reported that the Ukrainian military successfully struck the command post of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian occupiers.

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