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Elevated values of manganese, iron and coliforms show the latest samples of RHI Burgas of drinking water in several settlements along the Southern coast.

In the village of Rezovo "manganese" is 85 μg / l, and in Kiten - 448 μg / l, at a rate of 50 μg / l. At the indicator "iron" the samples have shown an increase in the village of Rezovo of 697 μg / l and in the village of Sinemorets - 230 μg / l, at a rate of 200 μg / l.

In Kiten there is a deviation in coliform bacteria /coliforms/, which are 9/100 COE/l, at a rate of 0/100 COE/l.

Bathing in the sea in Burgas region has been suspended

The samples taken in the villages of Kosti, Bulgari and Kondolovo comply with the requirements for drinking and domestic purposes, including the indicators "coliforms" and "E. coli".

The analysis of sea water by E. coli indicators and intestinal enterococci of the requirements of Ordinance No. 5. They were examined:

Central beach gr. Obzor, Beach-South Obzor, Irakli Beach, Elenite Beach, Central Beach St. Vlas, Beach of a specialized hospital, Vlas. Sveti Vlas, K.K. Beach "Sl. beach" - in front of hotel Victoria Palace, Beach K.K. "Sl. beach" - in front of Globus Hotel, Sunny Beach. beach" - in front of hotel Burgas; Beach near the Black Sea saltworks Burgas, North Beach Burgas, Central Beach Burgas, Central beach kv. "Kraimorie" gr. Burgas, Central Beach Chernomorets, South Beach, Chernomorets Chernomorets, Beach complex "Gradina" Chernomorets, Beach complex "Zlatna ribka" Sozopol, Central beach Sozopol, Beach "Harmani" Sozopol, Beach camping "Smokini", Beach V.S. "Duni", Beach "Duni" - south and Beach "Rosenets - north", North beach - Sozopol Kiten, South beach Kiten, Beach camping "South", Central beach village of Lozenets, Beach camping "Oasis", Beach m. "Arapya" Tsarevo, Popski beach Tsarevo, Central beach Tsarevo, Beach complex "Nestinarka" Tsarevo, Central beach Ahtopol, Beach "Mouth of the Veleka River" Sinemorets village and Butamyata Beach Sinemorets village.

RHI-Burgas recommends that the water from the central water supply in the settlements of the Municipality of Tsarevo and the Municipality of Primorsko, where deviations have been found, should not be used for drinking and food preparation.

The same can be used for hygienic needs. The Health Inspectorate draws attention to the fact that there may be deviations in the quality of drinking water in connection with the suspension of water for settlements in the municipalities of Tsarevo, Primorsko, Sozopol and Sredets, which are supplied by the Yasna Polyana water supply system.


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