Rajasthan Revenue Minister Ram Lal Jat (File Photo)

Rajasthan News: Ram Lal Jat, the revenue minister of the Gehlot government, who lost his ministerial post due to a dispute due to a woman in the previous government, is now embroiled in controversy again before the elections. Police have booked five persons, including Revenue Minister Jat and his nephew, under non-bailable sections on charges of cheating, theft, criminal conspiracy, threatening and criminal breach of trust to the tune of over Rs 5 crore.

CID to investigate the case

The police have registered this action on the complaint of Parmeshwar Joshi. In his complaint, Joshi has levelled serious allegations of killing cabinet ministers Ramlal Jat, Puran Gurjar, Suraj Jat, Mahipal and Mahavir, blowing up mines with dynamite, stealing material and criminal conspiracy. At the same time, the complainant has also demanded protection of his life and property, expressing suspicion that the investigation will not be fair while Jat continues as a minister. According to information received from police sources, mining businessman Parmeshwar Joshi, a resident of Rajsamand and Hal Mumbai, has filed a case at Karera police station through court proceedings. The investigation of the case will be sent to CID CB Jaipur Police Headquarters after the order of Additional Director General of Police CID Crime Branch.

How did the controversy begin?

The complainant, Parmeshwar Joshi, runs a mining business under the name of 'M/s Aravali Granny'. Joshi has taken mining lease number 67/12 in Raghunathpura tehsil Karera. At the time of registration, the owners of this company were Shyam Sunder Goyal and Chandrakant Shukla. Prior to the registration of the company, the complainant Joshi had demanded Rs 10 crore from Shyam Sunder Goyal and Chandrakant Shukla. As a result, Goyal and Shukla transferred 5% shares of the company for Rs 50 crore to Joshi's wife Bhavya. Goyal and Shukla had decided to sell the remaining 50% shares to Revenue Minister Ramlal for Rs 5 crore.

The minister had promised to transfer the shares in the name of his relatives Mona Chaudhary and Suresh Jat and give him Rs 5 crore. Parameshwara transferred 25 per cent stake share in favour of Mona Chaudhary and 25 per cent stake in favour of Suresh Jat. When Joshi demanded Rs 5 crore from Jat and other persons, they refused to pay the money. They threatened to kill the complainant and his family and blow up the mines with dynamite.

Negligence of Bhilwara Police

In this regard, when the complainant wanted to file a case in the police station, the case was not registered. A case was not registered even after giving a written report to the Bhilwara SP. On the contrary, he was threatened by the minister's influence. The case was registered after the victim took refuge in the court and pleaded.

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