Alternatives to help your finances if you did not win the Powerball 1:24

(CNN) -- Powerball players now have a chance to win an estimated $725 million jackpot this weekend after Wednesday night's draw yielded no big winners.

Wednesday's numbers were 16, 27, 59, 62 and 63 with a Powerball of 23.

The $725 million jackpot from the Sept. 23 draw would be the third biggest Powerball jackpot this year, following the $754.6 million jackpot won in Washington state in February and the colossal $1.080 billion jackpot won in California in July. Saturday's jackpot would also be the eighth biggest jackpot in gambling history, the lottery said Wednesday.

  • A single winner for the Powerball, if you did not win, we suggest other ways to help your financial situation

If there is a grand prize winner in Saturday's draw, that person could choose to take the entire jackpot in staggered payments over 29 years, or keep a lump sum of about $345.7 million, according to the lottery.

Although no one won the jackpot Wednesday night, more than a million tickets won some sort of prize, most of them taking $21 or less.


Two tickets, sold in Georgia and Texas, took home $2 million each for matching the first five numbers and activating a power play multiplier. Another ticket sold in Georgia won $1 million for matching the first five numbers without the multiplier.

There have been 27 Powerball draws since the $1.080 billion jackpot was won in July. That July draw was only the third Powerball jackpot to reach or exceed $1 billion.

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