Kids in government school flooded with water


Parents are afraid to send children to school in government higher secondary schools in the district. Due to continuous rains in Banswara district, the government school in the district is completely flooded with water, due to which children have to go through knee-deep water to reach the class in the school. This is the reason why parents are afraid to send them to a school full of water. On the one hand, children's clothes are getting wet due to knee-deep water, on the other hand, there is also a possibility of being bitten by poisonous organisms in dirty water.

School premises filled with water

However, the main reason for this problem is that there is a pond near the school, due to which the pond gets filled during the rainy season, due to which the school premises are also filled with water. Due to this, children coming to school have to go through dirty water filled up to the knees. If the children somehow manage to reach school, their clothes also get wet. Not only this, water drips from the roofs of many rooms of the school.

School premises filled with water

Decline in student enrolment

This problem is also affecting the enrollment of school students. At present, there is a decrease in enrolment from class I to V, and this is leading to a decline in the number of students. The head of the school institution has talked to public representatives and department officials many times about this problem, but no permanent solution has been found. According to parents, there is little chance of water degradation due to its proximity to the pond.

Education Department's efforts

On the one hand, while the education department is moving towards high-tech and modern facilities, on the other hand, the government school in the water-logged district is telling the reality. Officials claim to make government schools hi-tech and modern, but many government schools are desperate for common facilities.

Concerns about the risk of animal bites in dirty water

Looking for solutions

The institution head of the school said that they have been making people aware of this problem for a long time, but no permanent solution has been found. The staff of the school is also afraid all the time that no untoward incident will happen to any student. In this case, people from the local administration to the education department want this problem to be resolved quickly, so that children can come to school without any worry.

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Banswara Education Water Crisis