Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russians have been learning a lot. Instead, the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine draw conclusions from the mistakes of the enemy, because when you fight with the enemy, you learn something from him, and he from you.

Serhiy Filimonov is the deputy chief of intelligence of the Da Vinci Wolves battalion and the leader of the Honor street movement.

He had the experience of liberating Mariupol during the ATO, then fought for justice on the streets of Ukrainian cities together with his comrades, after February 24 he fought for the survival of our state.

In an interview with the Grunt, Serhiy Filimonov spoke about the new tactics of the Russians, the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, and why it is better for the occupiers not to touch them with their hands.

Russians are also "growing"

"I can say for sure that Russians learn during the war. That is, they have an increasing level of use of artillery, drones, and FPV drones. They no longer use such stupid equipment as we saw at the beginning of the war. Aviation, "Lancets", etc., are constantly used. That is, in this regard, the level is growing a lot. And in terms of infantry, the level of training is very low. Basically, they fight as convicts, shower them with meat, and after that they bring in regular units," the soldier says.

"We see that in some moments they have learned something, but not so long ago, for example, there was good news that Il-76 military transport aircraft were disrupted in Pskov. We see what is happening with the Crimean bridge, with Russian ships. That is, in many ways, Russia was much stronger, but we are beginning to catch up with them and even overtake them," Filimonov said.

"More often than not, we learn from the mistakes of the enemy"

"The first thing we learned was the experience they gave us. For example, from experience, we realized that it was impossible to go in columns of equipment as they went, and this became obvious to us immediately at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Therefore, for example, there have never been such problems in our battalion," the soldier said.

"We usually learn from their mistakes. When you are at war with the enemy, you absolutely learn something from him, he takes something from you," he said.

"Yes, they dig trenches well, but this is more up to the Wagnerites. Although in the Kyiv and Sumy regions, it should be noted that where they entered, pits were immediately dug. Near the Siverskyi Donets, when they set up a crossing, they immediately dig in, literally in a matter of hours they can already build apartments underground," Filimonov recalled.

Communication with captured occupiers

"I often communicate with prisoners. They could only surprise with stories that he had "five walkers". You sit, he surprises you because he's an absolute cretin. But in general, those with whom I communicated are antisocial elements. The vast majority are convicts," the soldier says.

"It's better not to touch with your hands": safety rules during the capture of convicts

"You need to look carefully at your hands — bracelets are hung by those who have AIDS and hepatitis. Of course, it is better not to touch them with your hands and it is better to put them in the car where they will not contaminate anything. But in general, we don't touch them with our hands," Filimonov said.