A new variant of COVID-19 called Pyrola has been detected in a number of other countries. The new variant of the virus has the scientific designation BA.2.86. It has more mutations than any other variant since the emergence of the famous Omicron strain in 2021.

This was reported by the National Post.

The new variant of the virus was first detected in Denmark in the summer, and in Canada it was detected in a person who had no previous travel experience. Also, the virus has already reached the UK, where its first case was confirmed on August 18.

Pyrrole, with its many mutations, can simply bypass the immunity developed by people as a result of previous COVID-19 infections or vaccinations. This does not mean that people with immunity are more prone to severe diseases, just that it may be easier for the virus to infect them than the variants that preceded it. People who have not gained immunity through vaccination or recovery from the disease are by far the most vulnerable group to the new strain.

Health authorities in Canada and the United States note that this variant does not cause particularly severe disease. The tests and treatments used for COVID-19, they say, are effective against it as well.

Currently, the GISAID Variant Spread Tracker records its spread in the following countries:

, France

, Japan, Sweden, Thailand, Israel

, Spain, Portugal
, Australia
, Germany
, Japan, Sweden
, Thailand
, United States

Among the symptoms by which infection with the Pyrrola variant can be determined, experts distinguish:

Although Pyrola has a large number of mutations and there is uncertainty about its effects, current observations do not suggest that it is particularly severe.

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