This came in an interview with US media in which he described the possibility of Tehran obtaining nuclear weapons as a "bad step".The Saudi crown prince also spoke about normalizing relations with Israel, saying that the Kingdom is approaching this step, but stressed the importance of the Palestinian issue for its own negotiations.He continued: "We have negotiations now and we have to wait for their results and hope that this will lead to facilitating the lives of the Palestinians and making Israel a player in the Middle East." To reach a historic peace with Saudi Arabia and end differences with the Arab world, during his meeting with US President Joe Biden, on Thursday, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.Netanyahu pointed out that the normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia will go a long way towards establishing peace between Palestinians and Israelis.It is noteworthy that Tel Aviv signed agreements to normalize relations with the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco and similar understandings with Sudan, in late 2020, under American auspices, and is currently seeking to sign a similar agreement with Saudi Arabia, which repeatedly stresses that There are also reports that Saudi Arabia is also linking the normalization file to its acquisition of a peaceful nuclear plant with American assistance, which Israeli officials fear will spiral out of control in the future.