This came in an interview with US media, in which he stressed that the BRICS group is not a political alliance.Bin Salman pointed out that he is communicating with Chinese President Xi Jinping, adding: "No one wants to see China weak."In June, Paul Craig Roberts, a former White House official, warned of what he described as "madness that will lead to the collapse of human civilization," referring to Washington's policy that has made China its enemy.US President Joe Biden has described his counterpart The Chinese agency "dictator" last June, which angered Beijing, which described these statements as a "political provocation" and considered them a serious attack on the political dignity of China.The Chinese agency "Xinhua" said on Wednesday that the West is pursuing a policy to intimidate the world from the "collapse of China" in order to create a state of pessimism towards the Chinese economy.The agency pointed out that this policy adopted by Western media relies on misleading statements that promote the idea that the Chinese economy is on the verge of collapse, until confidence is shaken. China has faced the same policies over the past four decades, the agency said, noting that the days have proven that pessimistic expectations about its economy have never corresponded to reality.Last week, Mao Ning, spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, commented on this matter, stressing that the success of the Chinese economy proved the opposite of what is being raised about its collapse, noting that what collapsed is the rhetoric that she promotes. Mao Ning pointed out that the Chinese economy has remained a major engine of the global economy thanks to its flexibility, strength and great potential.