General mobilization continues in Ukraine. Martial law was extended until at least November 15, 2023. Therefore, conscripts continue to receive summonses.

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Who has the right to serve at the place of residence

Lawyer Maryna Bekalo explained in a comment to that mobilized servicemen who have the right to a deferment (in accordance with paragraphs 4-12 of Part 1 of Article 23 of the Law on Mobilization), but have given their consent to be called up during mobilization, have the right to serve at their place of residence.

In particular, this applies to persons:

What Is An Attitude

A relation is a document written on behalf of the commander, which states that a particular military unit is ready to accept a serviceman. In it, the commander confirms the availability of a vacant position corresponding to the military specialty of the serviceman.

Can a mobilized person independently choose a unit?

The conscription of reservists and persons liable for military service during mobilization is carried out to replenish military positions provided for by the wartime staff according to the relevant mobilization plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations.

"At the same time, the legislation does not provide for the right of a serviceman, including those who were called up for military service during mobilization, to independently choose their place of service, military unit, etc.," Maryna Bekalo told

Is it possible to go to serve in a specific unit if you are related

The lawyer explained that after completing the course of basic military training, mobilized servicemen who have not previously completed military service and did not have appropriate combat training are sent for military service to the troops at the appropriate request of the heads of military formations, taking into account their needs for additional staffing.

The Regulations on the TCC SP, the Law on Mobilization, the Regulations on Military Service do not provide for the procedures for conscription for military service, including during mobilization at the appropriate request (relation) from a military unit or other military formation. The exception is the conscription of conscripts and reservists of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Foreign Intelligence Service, conscripts of the Operational and Rescue Service of Civil Protection.

According to Maryna Bekalo, in other cases, the conscription campaign takes place according to a certain procedure and bypasses the TCC SP. This is due to a whole range of issues: military registration, assignment of military personnel, passing the Military Medical Commission, without which it is impossible to sign a contract or receive a relationship from a certain unit, or in other words, it goes beyond the legal field.

"Of course, there is a certain interaction between the TCC SP and military units and other formations, and no one prohibits the possibility of asking the TCC SP to be called up in relation to a particular military unit, but it does not impose an obligation on the TCC SP to comply with it, because such procedures are not provided for by law. This is solely a matter of communication between the TCC SP and the military unit, which is interested in a certain candidate," the lawyer explained to

Is it possible for a military man to be transferred to another unit?

The movement of servicemen between military units and formations is carried out on the basis of the relevant request of commanders (attitude), if there are reasonable grounds.

According to the lawyer, such grounds may be:

Is the TCC related to the movement of military personnel?

Maryna Bekalo explained to that the TCC of the SP has nothing to do with the processes of moving servicemen from one unit to another.

After all, after sending a person liable for military service to military service, the TCC SP removes him from the military register, and such a serviceman is subordinate to his direct military command.

"After dismissal from military service by order of the commander of the relevant military unit, the dismissed serviceman must apply to the TCC SP with documents on dismissal at the place of his registration in order to take him on the military register of persons liable for military service. Therefore, from the moment of conscription of a serviceman to the moment of his dismissal from military service and registration by the TCC SP, issues related to the military service of a serviceman are resolved exclusively by the relevant military units," the lawyer said.

Is it possible to change the military specialty of a mobilized person?

It is possible to change your military specialty according to the appropriate procedure.

Maryna Bekalo noted to that it is provided for by Section VI of the Order of the Ministry of Defense dated 10.04.2009 No. 170, which consists in general military training for persons who have not undergone military service, professional and multi-level training/retraining, advanced training for military personnel in the relevant positions and military personnel.

As a reminder, from October 1, 2023, women who have obtained a medical or pharmaceutical specialty will be required to register at the Territorial Recruitment and Social Support Centers.