Being a parent is a great, amazing feeling! To see life through the eyes of your child and to know the world through yours is magic!

Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev presented their political project "Continuing the Change" - Democratic Bulgaria"Democratic Bulgaria" is a centrist-right political union composed of" in their Facebook profile.

Lena Borislavova: Welcome, Dea

The reason for his publication was the birth of his first child - Dea. Ivanov and Lena BorislavovaLena Borislavova was born on October 8, 1989. She graduated in law from Sofia University and welcomed her daughter on a rabies world on Tuesday.

Thank you, Lena, for this wonderful miracle she gave us! To create and give life is really great, writes Miroslav Ivanov.

The two announced that they will become parents on Easter Sunday, and later Lena gave up her seat in the 49th National Assembly.

Democratic Bulgaria

We continue the change

Lena Borislavova

Miroslav Ivanov