Messi left the game through injury. Photo: Carmen Mandato / AFP.

Alarm bells went off in Fort Lauderdale! Messi and Jordi Alba left due to injury the duel in which Inter Miami faced Toronto FC just one week before the MLS Cup final against Houston Dynamo.

It was the 36th minute when Messi began to feel muscle discomfort that forced him to ask for the change. Martino heeded the request of the great figure of the club and gave entry to the Finn Robert Taylor, who had started the duel from the bench.

Lionel Messi will sub off after 36 minutes of play.

— TSN (@TSN_Sports) September 21, 2023

It should be noted that the former Barcelona player and world champion in Qatar 2022 did not play the last game in which Inter Miami was beaten by Atlanta United, nor in the thrashing of the Argentine team in Bolivia in the World Cup qualifiers.

Injury-ridden grief

The match was plagued by injuries. It all started 11 minutes after the match began after the Spaniard Víctor Vázquez asked for his change and gave entry to Brandon Servania.

Servania himself, who had entered in place of the former LA Galaxy player, also had to leave the match early because of a sprained left foot that forced Terry Dunfield to give entry to Franco Ibarra.

Inter Miami will face Orlando City SC next Sunday in another edition of the Florida Classic, where Messi may not start ahead of Wednesday's match against Houston Dynamo.

(With information from AS)