On the night of September 21, the Russian invaders launched a massive rocket attack. The occupiers attacked Ukraine with 43 cruise missiles.

Air defense forces successfully shot down enemy targets. Unfortunately, not all missiles were destroyed, so there are hits. In particular, Cherkasy and Rivne were affected by enemy shells.

Ukrainian celebrities reacted to another crime of the Russian Federation. They wish Ukraine a speedy victory and express their condolences to all those affected.

Alina Shamanska

The blogger woke up in Kyiv to loud explosions. As Shamanska noted, fragments of a rocket fell in the neighboring area and caused trouble.

"War in Ukraine. Day 575. Kyiv. Neighboring district," the blogger briefly informed.

Alina Shamanska / Photo: instagram.com/shamankaa

Olga Sumskaya

The actress noted that the morning in Kyiv was very loud. However, she is grateful to the air defense forces for shooting down enemy targets. After a massive rocket attack, Sumy managed to catch the train, because it has to tour the cities of Ukraine with performances.

"It was a very loud morning... Thank God and our glorious air defense, we made it to the train!" the actress wrote.

Olha Sumska's reaction to the shelling of Kyiv / Photo: instagram.com/olgasumska

Anna Salivanchuk

The artist drew attention to the fact that Russia cynically shelled the Ukraine on the International Day of Peace, which is celebrated on September 21. The celebrity says that on this day we should thank the Ukrainian defenders who protect us at the cost of their own lives. Salivanchuk also wished peace to come to Ukraine as soon as possible.

"After such a night, explosions, the work of air defense, there is only peace to talk about. Today Ukraine celebrates the Day of Peace. The very long-awaited peace that we are waiting for so much and are bringing everything closer in our own way. Today is not only a day of peace, but also a day of gratitude to our defenders and a day of remembrance for those who, unfortunately, are no longer with us on the way to this much-desired peace. I want the whole world to be peaceful in your life and give you only light at the end of the tunnel, and illuminate your bright path to peace and victory," the artist said.

Anna Salivanchuk / Photo: instagram.com/salivanchuk.anna

Anna Koshmal

The actress noted that peace will definitely come to Ukraine and stars will fall from the sky instead of rockets.

"The day will come when stars will fall, not rockets," the actress wrote.

Anna Koshmal's reaction to the shelling of Ukraine / Photo: instagram.com/smorkovkina

Ilona Gvozdeva

The dancer and her family hid from enemy missiles in the basement, because it was very noisy near her house. Ilona admitted that she was pretty scared.

"Exhausted, angry, scared... I went to bed," the dancer shared her emotions.

Ilona Gvozdiova / Photo: instagram.com/ilonagvozdeva

Slava Dyomin

The presenter noted that the Russians, instead of equipping their cities, cynically fire missiles to destroy the neighboring country.

"Ridiculous contraceptives! Today, the annual budget of the Ryazan region arrived in Ukraine again," the presenter said.

Slava Dyomin / Photo: instagram.com/slavademin_official

Timur Miroshnichenko

The presenter noted that after every hard night, a peaceful morning comes. Miroshnichenko wished everyone strength to survive these difficult days.

"Strength to all of us," the presenter wrote and added two blue and yellow hearts.

Timur Miroshnichenko's reaction to the shelling of Kyiv / Photo: instagram.com/timur.miroshnychenko

Sasha Bo

The blogger noted that her children were pretty scared of air raid sirens. She herself was scared, too. The blogger wished everyone to take care of themselves in such difficult times.

"Another difficult and loud night for the whole country. Recently, we also have a new air raid alert. Children are very afraid of her. And I'm scared myself. Take care of yourself," the blogger said.

Sasha Bo's reaction to the shelling of Ukraine / Photo: instagram.com/sashaabo