The traitor singer Anna Korsun, better known as Maruv, began to be actively mocked and thanked for the financial "help" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The first to mock the scandalous performer was activist Serhiy Sternenko. He asked Maruv on Twitter (now X) if she would help with a donation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The artist's reaction was sharp, she blocked Sternenko on the social network.

"Yes, Hanna Korsun does not want to chip in on drones, unlike Karolina. So we'll buy her a separate drone," the activist joked.

Maruv was mocked on the Web / Photo: from social networks

Meanwhile, Ukrainians on Facebook, Korsun began to thank her for helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They wrote sarcastically that Hanna was good for making such large donations.

"Thank you for taking the right side, albeit under public pressure. Your first cautious donations are quite generous - UAH 3 million to the Come Back Alive Foundation is something. You and Ani Lorak - well done! Glory to Ukraine! Once again, thank you very much for your personal drone! You're our Ukrainian, although you're ashamed of it, stupid!" users wrote sarcastically.

Maruv was mocked on the Web / Photo: from social networks

By the way, earlier they also mocked the traitor Ani Lorak. Moreover, the Internet even invented her personal revenge fund. Because of such jokes, Lorak had a hard time in Russia. She began to be hated, the singer's concerts were canceled, and the relevant authorities checked the artist for assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and discrediting the Russian army. Lorak herself had to constantly make excuses.