As a result of an accident with a bus in Montenegro, the life of a Ukrainian who had to amputate his left lower limb is in danger.

It is reported by Pobjeda.

One of the doctors said that the Ukrainian citizen injured in the accident is in intensive care. He suffered a severe concussion injury to the left limb with wounds to the groin and end colon.


He underwent amputation of his left limb and diagnostic and surgical treatment of groin and final colon injuries. He was in severe hemorrhagic shock and was seriously injured," the doctor said.

He added that all resuscitation and intensive treatment measures were carried out on the patient in order to make his condition more stable in the morning.

"He is under intensive treatment and supervision," the doctor said.

According to the local publication, the remaining nine victims of the accident with the bus are in stable condition.

Recall that in Montenegro there was a fatal accident with a bus on the Cetinje-Budva highway. At least two people died in the accident. Among the victims were several Ukrainians, one of whom had his limb amputated.

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