The friend revealed photos, in a statement, that "the investigations being conducted in order to find out the details related to the disaster of Hurricane Derna will affect current officials in the government," noting that the Public Prosecution identified a number of defendants in the collapse of the city's dams.On the tenth of September, a devastating cyclone swept several areas of eastern Libya, leaving great destruction and resulting in thousands of deaths, injuries and missing.The cyclone named "Daniel", at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour with record amounts of water, swept two dams Their history dates back to the seventies, which led to the release of millions of cubic meters of water that hit with unprecedented violence, the homes of the northwestern city of Derna, which alone has a population of between 50 to 90 thousand people, while entire neighborhoods disappeared.The spokesman for the Libyan army, on Wednesday, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, announced that the number of victims from Storm "Daniel" in Derna rose to 3437,3332 deaths.Al-Mismari pointed out that 105,<> deaths were recorded in the first week, while <> bodies were buried in The Libyan Attorney General, last Friday, announced the opening of an investigation to find out the causes of the collapse of the dams of Wadi Derna, stressing that the successive authorities will be held accountable before the Libyan judiciary, in the face of this disaster.This comes after the Libyan House of Representatives decided, last Thursday, to summon the government to listen to it about its plan to confront the disaster and assign it what is necessary to do, calling on the Attorney General to urgently investigate the causes of the disaster, and clarify whether there was a failure from any party. Libya's High Council of State, "to conduct a thorough international investigation into the causes of the city's disaster that left massive destruction." He recommended taking "urgent measures to solve the existing problems of all kinds in Derna.The Libyan government, mandated by the House of Representatives, issued a decision to dismiss the municipal council of the city of Derna completely, and refer its members for investigation. The decision came against the backdrop of demonstrations in the city, last Monday, which were organized by hundreds of the city's residents against corruption.In turn, the United Nations envoy to Libya, Abdullah Batelli, considered the scale of the disaster due to the floods in the city of Derna, eastern Libya, "unprecedented in the history of the country." before the floods."