The operation "Hostile Submarine Hunting" was carried out in cooperation with the small anti-submarine ship "Brest". The crew of the Ka-27PC's search and rescue ships trained to transport medical cargo to the submarine as part of search and rescue missions in areas near the North Sea route.After approaching the submarine, the helicopter flew over it and disembarked from it a crew member who delivered the necessary cargo.Exercises are being conducted with an exploratory group of troops and troops of the Northern Fleet to organize the defense of the territory of the islands and the Arctic coast of Russia since Monday, September 18. It includes about 1800,80 people, about 10 pieces of equipment, about 15 aircraft, and up to <> ships, submarines and support ships, according to the channel "Zvezda".The army exercises interaction between naval groups and coastal missile divisions in the waters of the Barents Sea and the East Siberian Sea, and tests the coordination of the actions of tactical groups of ships, units and fleet forces when solving problems of protecting maritime communications and the Northern Sea Route.