Ukrainian singer Jamala shared the good news with her subscribers.

On her Instagram, the celebrity said that her lullaby "Sleep, My Prince, Sleep" will be the soundtrack to the Netflix movie. By the way, the artist wrote this composition when she was expecting the birth of her first child, Emir. Now this lullaby will sound in the cinema and the whole world will hear it. However, so far Jamala cannot tell all the details and declassify the name of the film where her composition will sound.

"It's so cool that the lullaby I wrote when I was waiting for the Emir was wanted to go to the movies. That's why now this song is not only for my children. I can't tell you the details, but the movie should be on Netflix," the artist said.

Jamal was congratulated on the good news by the presenter Yuri Gorbunov. He shared a funny story related to this lullaby. As it turned out, he and his wife Kateryna Osadcha put their son to bed to this song. One year, the battery ran out of battery in the toys, so Gorbunov had to sing Ivan a lullaby himself.

"Our Ivan fell asleep to this lullaby! It sounded like a stuffed toy! Once the batteries ran out! I had to sing myself! The child did not sleep until one in the morning," Gorbunov said.

Recall that recently Jamala showed up with her sister. The performer stunned with her resemblance to Evelina.